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Linksys Repeater Router WIFI POWER

WHAT IS A REPEATER ROUTER: The linksys by cisco family of wireless routers may well be the best most cost effective repeater routers on the market, after the replacement of the stock linksys firmware. The wrt54g-tm T-Mobile version router is the cream of the linksys crop when it comes to the 802.11 wireless g standard. Linksys Repeater Router WIFI POWER

A wireless repeater router, (with bridge fuctionality), has the ability to do routing after the repeated signal has been received and directs this to the lan side of router, in adition to resending (repeating) the original signal, this is the bridge function enabled in several third party firmwares like DD-WRT. Not all wireless repeaters are routers as some of the soho store bought offerings by different Repeater Router models and manufacturers. The most often reason for using a repeater router is the rebroadcast of a weak wireless signal to a more remote location via the wireless radio of the device with this functionality. Feel free to ask questions here about a wireless repeater router and be sure to watch our how to videos about the mighty linksys wrt54g-tm by cisco MODS HELP. We have all sort of info on and about plus we might even have WRT54GTM ON SALE in stock. ENJOY :-) WRT54G-TM REPEATER ROUTER VIDEOS ======