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WRT54GL linksys and Linux

Linksys WRT54GL wireless g router is the little brother to the WRT54G-TM, both of which have a form of linux as there operating system. Linksys originaly offered the wrt54gl in 2005. Cisico was sued for copyrights and settled. A New model line,,
released after WRT54G v5, which returns to a Linux-based OS as opposed to the VxWorks firmware. SpeedBooster is not enabled in stock firmware, although third-party firmware such as DD-WRT or TOMATO will enable the feature as AFTERBURNER. This is a great wifi router for firmware mods, and conversion to a wireless repeater router. One note on the wrt54gl is the flash memory size is half that of the wrt54g-tm T-mobile branded router, and will require the sdcard mod hack to add additional software to the onboard memory. WIRELESS ROUTER HELP FREE, learn to mod your WRT54G-TM, LINKSYS repeater router. ======