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WRT54G /gl vs WRT54G-TM linksys by cisco wireless router

WRT54GTM vs LINKSYS G FAMILY WIRELESS ROUTERS: Hardware comparison and review. The
WRT54G-TM, LINKSYS router. is not the same part as the wrt54g or wrt54gl which have only half the usable memory of the , wrt54gtm, T-MOBILE branded version. Only the oldest versions of the g /gs have the full memory enabled. I made this video to dispel the confusion at the cisco community forums.

The wrtu54g-tm
is not the same device and is not supported by third party firmware , either dd-wrt , open-wrt or the popular tomato firmwares,at this time.
The wrt54gs model refers to speedboost which is broadcom afterburner .The wrt54gl is in reference to the linux based firmware.
This is a serious piece of network hardware with dd-wrt, cpu overclocked, vmm support , wireless radio with adjustable tx/rx power , wireless repeater bridging , upgradeable antennas , make your own AP FOR FRIENDS, linux op with 8mb flash ram for applications 32mb for system fun war driving 200mhg cpu (not recommended past 232 with out heat sink.
TX ( transmit ) power of the WRT54G-TM wireless radio to increase the range and allow you to travel further from the router with better signal quality.This router also may be used as a wireless connection from your X-BOX to the controller by playing the "man in the middle"function. X-BOX -- > WRT54G-TM --> X-BOX WIRELESS CONTROLLER.

This is more power than your win95 machine but runs 4 port lans and wireless repeater bridge and more !!!!!! dd-wrt mega v24 sp2 nice stuff here ladies and gents ,
this is a network computer for console ssh,telnet,windows / linux operators, or can be administered thru web gui.
( this means you can connect and repeat ANY open ap or secured if you have key ) :-)
The WRT54G-TM has a sticker on the bottom and has serial number that starts with C061 .Broadcom BCM5352EKPBG CPU
32 MB RAM (Hynix HY5DU561622ETP-D43)
8 MB Flash (JS28f640)
The WRT54G-TM Uses the same DD-WRT BINs that the WRT54GS v3.0
200 MHz CPU
32 MB 8 MB
T-Mobile Edition WRT54GS V3.0 Renamed WRT54G-TM 1.0
third party firmware