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lINKSYS REPEATER WRT54G WIFI BOOSTER FIX ROUTER: WRT54G TM REPEATER ROUTER with high gain booster booster antenna has been broken and in need of a fix. I setup my router in a window and if fell breaking one of the high gain antennas. The tnc jack will need a solder reflow repair on the circuit board to be good as new. Hopefully,

A pair of new 9db high gain antennas will complete the repair of my beloved linksys by cisco wifi repeater and signal booster router. Using DD_WRT for firmware allows this router to act as a long range wireless adapter for computers only having lan port for networking. The wrt54g-TM model has larger memory to run and store scripts to be run on the router at boot up. Setup of Auto ap will make the router look for and connect to open or secure wireless access points with proper credentials. comments ======