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T MOBILE wrt54g-tm hotspot at home wireless 3g network router

A few years back.wrt54g-tm The wrt54g-tm wirless network router has hotspot at home features, which enable the wrt54g-tm to transfer subscribers from the T-mobile 2g,3g cellular network, to the VOIP function of the router,which then routes the phone call.I have seen several authors testing the device incorectly by unplugging the wrt54g-tm , then drops the wifi connected call, natruly. This is quite backwards from the intended operation, as the wrt54g-tm is to fill the gap like when the cellular tower gets unplugged.
The wrt54g-tm hotspot at home is intended to recognise the phone,device,by an initial setup procedure, that when conected to a compliant device will automaticly adjust the radio output to save battery power.
The HOTSPOT@HOME,is purchased from T-MOBILE and is the brand name of their service, hotspot at home is your ability to move from say your car where your cell phone has a bad celltower signal,to your house where thewrt54g-tm linksys by cisco wireless g router is waiting to pick up the slack.
We love this particular linksys router because of it's firmware upgrade ability, large flash memory,overclockingAUTOAP(access point) and many features discussed on this site,Check out our links. ======