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add sd flashcard memory to wrt54gtm router

Add flash memory / sd card to the linksys wt54g-tm, wrt54g, and gl, wrt54g-tm, cisco sd card mod with tomato firmware or dd-wrt.

The wrt54g-tm has available usb capabilities, if you are handy with a soldering iron you can add an sdcard flashcard memory. Modding the wrt54g-tm can be as fun as running it after the upgrades.

Watch this short video about the needed cabling on the wrt54g-tm pc board.
s add a memory card to your wrt54g-tm router flash memory for the wrt54g-tm The added sd / mmc memory card will add program storage space to those linksys routers with to small flash memory to install the full "mega" version of DD-WRT. THE WRT54G-TM does not suffer this problem, but more is better. find sd card flash memory here. ======