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repeater bridge wrt54gtm security

It's been a year to the day i put up thewrt54gtm vs wrt54g router family video. I decided with all the wrt54g-tm buzz out on the net, I would quickly inform all that wireless security encryption on the wrt54gtm / dd-wrt "DOES WORK" during repeater bridge mode operation, using DD-WRT firmware.

I recently purchased a wrt160nl linux based router to have wireless "n" connected to the wan. I run this router with WPA security encryption on the the wifi. To this I connect a wrt54gtm in repeater bridge mode using a wpa key. I then set the wrt54gtm to have wpa encryption on the virtual lan. With this set up i can run several shoutcast tv servers on the bridged lan via ethernet cable in my server room. Video of the wireless security settings coming here soon. I am writing this hoping to clear up misconceptions on the identity of these routers, as it seems many sellers on ebay and such are selling versions of these linksys products that do not have these capabilities and using the wrt54g-tm name and delivering lesser models.Search for wrt54g-tm here

The wrt54gTM repeater router effectively becomes a wireless g card for all machines connected to the bridge with no loss in bandwidth. Even with out DD-WRT on the nl router these two devices pair seamlessly, and with the usb storage link on the network of the 160nl I can make server calls to the NAS from the repeater bridge lan with security.
This post written by john@ROCKNTV1video coming soon ======