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Universal Wireless repeater bridge

A Universal Wireless repeater bridge, can be made from several existing linksys products by replacing the firmware. The wrt54g-tm wireless g router, flashed with DD-WRT firmware, may be used as an option to purchasing a dedicated universal wireless repeater, and actually provide the the owner with with more functionality, than a store bought SOHO grade wireless repeater with bridging functionality. The linksys G family of routers including the wrt54g, wrt54g-tm, wrt54gl, and the wrt54gs, linux based models have proven successful over time as a viable contender against mass produced, more expensive "off the shelf" 0fferings. The wrt54g-tm (T-MOBILE)model by linksys is the cream of the wireless G standard as It has the most memory available to store resident linux commands on board, ie: without doing the sd memory card mod. A NAS (network attached storage device can be added to the lan side of the repeater bridge to add space to call files for use by the system on the local network. The DD-WRT firmware will also allow overclocking and an increase in wireless power of the wifi radio in the router. ======