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boost your wifi parabolic grid antenna

Looking to boost your wifi connection speed? Rural and remote wireless wifi access may be achieved with a 2.4 ghz parabolic grid antenna. This type of wifi antenna may give boosted wifi signal to people who need exterior wlan access to an Internet access point several miles away.
A Square 2.4ghz parabolic grid antenna, may show signal increases of up to 24dbi. This antenna gain is far and away any wifi signal boost that can be applied by the output power of the wireless radio alone. The parabolic grid collects and reflects the wireless tx / rx wifi signals and directs them to an element suspended at the focal point of the parabola. It is in this way that the GAIN of the antenna can out way any power increase of the wireless radio. While being "directional" in nature, long distance high speed broadband wifi links may be maintained.