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high gain wifi Fractal geometry antennas

Fractal geometry (m-set)discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot, can be used to design and build high gain, power wifi antennas. These mathematics in no way eliminate the constrains of wave length and desired radio frequency to the ratios between a radiation element and a reflecting element, but allows for more compact designs, within a desired range.

I will, for you equate, this type of antenna design to that small plastic film, with tiny wires, in a fractal geometric pattern, that we all used to put in our cell phones, to increase the wireless signal. This type of wireless antenna design may be used to increase the wave length of an antenna, while keeping it's physical size to a minimum. High speed wifi links can be maintained, thru the signal boosting (dbi gain) characteristics of a longer wave length, high gain, antenna. This antenna building theory, may be applied to the design of any antenna, wireless device, HDTV, or long range wifi link.
HOW TO VIDEO: An example of a fractal antenna. A 2.4ghz bi-quad antenna for wireless internet signal enhancement can be build using a design similar in method, that may have many times the Db gain of a standard wifi antenna.