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wifi link over long distance

A long distance wifi link may be achieved, through the use of directional high gain antennas and a DD-wrt enabled linksys wrt54g series wireless router. With the added transmit power of the router directed through a grid or dish type antenna, the signal may be BEAMED at the receiving antenna to provide a wifi link over much greater distance then a omni directional radiation pattern of a standard wireless router antenna. VIDEO:

The linksys wrt54g-tm wireless router, branded by T-MOBILE, has more then twice the memory of the standard wrt54g router and provides extra functionality over the older wrt54g model wireless router, while still retaining the upgradeable tnc antenna connectors.

LONG DISTANCE WIFI LINKS HAVE BEEN RECORDED OVER 76 KM with the wrt54g by linksys cisco wireless router ======