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Add Remote antenna to router

Adding a Remote antenna to a wireless router like the WRT54G-TM wireless router, by linksys will require RP-TNC to N Male Wireless connectors and adapters. Most common brands of access point use RP-SMA (D-Link, Netgear, etc) or RP-TNC (Linksys, Cisco) connectors. Pigtails and adapters to connect antennas to these access points are widely available and inexpensive. RP-SMA connectors are widely used by wireless router manufacturers to comply with the FCC, which are designed to make it difficult for consumers to connect antennas with high gain and thereby breach compliance. A grid antenna for outside use may be your best choice for boosting wifi link signals over long distance, with the WRT54G-TM.

some adapters needed to convert connecters on wifi devices. N Female to RP-TNC Wireless Antenna Adapter, Coaxial Adapter, SMA Male / TNC Female, RP-TNC Plug to N-Male, RP-TNC to RP-SMA adapter,Search for RP-TNC to N Male ======