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Build a wifi repeater

DIY:Build a wifi repeater out of a router you already have. A WRT54G-TM by linksys
is recommended because of it's larger memory size compared to the wrt54gl / wrt54g /gs wireless router and has been long tested.

If you have one of these little blue wifi routers you are in luck and have almost all you need. iIf not, you can get a find a WRT54G-TM for SALE here.

Some folks are still buying the wrt54gl with linux even though it has half the memory of the wrt54g-tm.

Fear not as most of this family of routers is compatible with some third party firmware version like Tomato, DD-WRT mod,or openwrt.

Once the router has been modified with one of these firmware the repeater function becomes available. Here is a video comparing these beloved wifi buddies
wrt54g vs wrt54g-tm wifi router you can see the wrt54g-tm wireless router help videos Please book mark us at your network.

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