FIND my networking gear


For the most part The wrt54g-tm wireless router videos,you see on the web and at you Tube have been made by myself. I have created a new playlist of my wrt54g-tm mods tip tweaks and DD-WRT setup help videos. I will be posting more wifi and networking of linksys products videos in the future. The WRT54GTM wireless router is a great little router with big features once the firmware has been upgraded, The wireless output power can be increased,and the cpu overclocking can be achieved.

Wireless repeating and bridging features may be enabled which can broaden the coverage of your access point (ap) and be utilised to give internet access to non wireless capible computers though lan bridging. Enjoy the LINKSYS WRT54G-TM VIDEOS here and get the real scoop as i am no longer providing accurate descriptions at YT due to scrapers.