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LINKSYS WRT54G-TM mod : dd-wrt overclock and wifi power increase

Mod the T-MOBILE wrt54g-tm with dd-wrt to overclock the router broadcom cpu. While it is possible to overclock the cpu , I have not found a reason other then pure novelty for this setting. This linksys wireless router has removable , upgradeable antennas , so I also show you how to raise the TX ( transmit )

power of the wireless radio to increase the range and allow you to travel further from the router with better signal quality.This router also may be used as a wireless connection from your X-BOX to the controler by playing the "man in the middle"function. X-BOX >WRT54G-TM>X-BOX WIRELESS CONTROLLER. THe out put power of the wifi radio on the wrt54g-tm with DD-WRTcan be increased to 251 miliwatts increasing the wireless range of the router well above the coverage provided by the average soho router.