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Heatsink fan cooling mod video wrt54g wrt54g-tm wrt54gl, overclocked router, wifi repeater bridge with dd-wrt . For the average user, spending money on bigger high gain wireless antennas, would be more cost effective than heatsink and fan mods. Setup hacking howto diy free videos. wrt54g-TM / wrt54g linksys routerbroadcom CPU wlan linux computer. Broadband wireless sniffing, war driving, networking linksys CISCO 80MM FAN aluminum heat sink. WRT54G-TM heatsink mod not necessary. WATCH VIDEO BELOW, to learn more.

Realy, adding a heat sink to the wrt54g-tm routers cpu is overkill, as it is the wireless radio that does most of the work, and it's rf shielding restricts the use of an add on heat sink. .yOU CAN ALSO GLUE ON A STANDAED EXTRUDED HEAT SINK KIT LIKE THESE FROM ZALMAN ======