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Linksys HGA7T Antenna Kit

Cisco-Linksys Genuine parts, HGA7T, High Gain Antenna Kit for TNC Connectors fit on the wrt54g/


/wrt54gl/wrt54gs for dramatic increase in signal strength, use only genuine linksys parts. This antenna kit will also fit many of the older linksys 2.4ghz wireless b/g routers that have removable antennas, as does the WRT54G-TM, wireless router.
Aftermarket High Gain Router Antennas HERE also fitting the wrt54g-rg wifi router in canada.

A video on the Gigaware 7db high gain antennas The linksys HGA7T antenna kit will also fit the WET11 wireless extender, the wet54g, WMP11 PCI Card, WPS11, WMP54G, WMP54GS, WRT54GC
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